Sam Altman about the Future of AI and GPT-5

Sam Altman about the Future of AI and GPT-5

Sam Altman just spoke about the future of AI and GPT-5. Plus, more developments from Apple, Google Gemini, NVIDIA GTC, Mercedes-Benz, and Stability AI. Here’s everything going on in AI right now.

On a Lex Fridman podcast released today, Sam Altman spoke on GPT-5, Sora, his vision for AGI, and more. When asked about GPT-4, Altman said it “sucks“ and that the leap in capabilities for GPT-5 will be similar to GPT-3’s jump to GPT-4.

Apple and Google are reportedly in talks to integrate Gemini into the iPhone. The tech giants teaming up to take on OpenAI/Microsoft could be a massive move. The advanced AI capabilities could be coming to billions of iPhone users as soon as iOS 18 this year.

Altman also confirmed OpenAI will release ‘an amazing new model’ this year and ‘many different things’ in the coming months. He speaks like someone who knows game-changing releases are coming soon. The last time he went on with Lex, we got GPT-4.

Sam Altman predicted that compute will be the currency of the future and possibly the most precious commodity in the world. There’s a lot more gold from the pod, but I’ll keep it brief for X.

Nvidia news

Jensen Huang just unveiled Nvidia Blackwell at NVIDIA GTC. It reduces cost and energy consumption by up to 25x over an H100 Huang also revealed that GPT-4 contains 1.8T parameters and that 2000 Blackwell chips could finish training the model in 90 days.

Nvidia also revealed Project GR00T at NVIDIA GTC. GR00T is a general-purpose foundation model for humanoid robot learning in simulation and the real world. It takes multimodal instructions and past interactions as inputs and produces robot’s actions.

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