• GPT-4o


    GPT-4 Omni, referred to as GPT-4o, stands out as a multifaceted AI innovation poised to reshape user interactions across various platforms. Its versatility extends to multiple modalities, offering an unprecedented blend of capabilities that include text, image, and even potential video inputs and outputs. This AI model is not only engineered to enhance coding but…

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  • GPT-5 Release

    GPT-5 Release

    It would not be inaccurate to say that OpenAI initiated the AI race, particularly after the launch of ChatGPT, which triggered a surge in competitive AI technologies. Following this, Microsoft introduced CoPilot, Google launched Gemini, and Meta recently debuted Llama 3. Despite these advancements, OpenAI’s GPT might seem to lag, especially since the last significant…

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  • ChatGPT for Free

    ChatGPT for Free

    Start using ChatGPT instantly. Making tools like ChatGPT widely accessible aligns with OpenAI’s central goal, allowing individuals to harness the advantages of AI. Each week, over 100 million users from 185 countries turn to ChatGPT for new knowledge, creative inspiration, and solutions to their queries. As of today, access to ChatGPT no longer requires a…

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  • Sam Altman about the Future of AI and GPT-5

    Sam Altman about the Future of AI and GPT-5

    Sam Altman just spoke about the future of AI and GPT-5. Plus, more developments from Apple, Google Gemini, NVIDIA GTC, Mercedes-Benz, and Stability AI. Here’s everything going on in AI right now. On a Lex Fridman podcast released today, Sam Altman spoke on GPT-5, Sora, his vision for AGI, and more. When asked about GPT-4,…

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  • ChatGPT in Excel

    ChatGPT in Excel

    You can use ChatGPT in Excel or Google Sheets for data analysis with @NumerousAI for things like: Use AI to save hours on repetitive tasks, like categorizing, extracting, writing text, data cleaning, and more! Google Sheets with ChatGPT I think it’s a really interesting way of using language models like GPT. The way that it…

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  • How to Train Your Own GPT

    How to Train Your Own GPT

    Training a GPT model for your needs is easier than you think. You can customize it for medical, legal, or any domain. Let’s dive in the topic How to Train Your Own GPT Model. Two main methods exist: fine-tuning and creating a knowledge base. Fine-tuning involves retraining with your data. A knowledge base creates an…

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  • OpenAI’s Statement regarding GPT-5

    OpenAI’s Statement regarding GPT-5

    An OpenAI employee’s statement has left many shocked due to its implications. It revealed we are not ready for GPT-5 or any advanced AI system. This comes after OpenAI released a state-of-the-art text to video model. Despite excitement in the AI community, broader reactions have been negative. Influencers and the public have expressed concerns over…

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  • ChatGPT Memory

    ChatGPT Memory

    OpenAI is testing the ability for ChatGPT to remember things discussed in conversations to enhance the helpfulness of future chats, placing users in control of ChatGPT’s memory capabilities. OpenAI is experimenting with memory features in ChatGPT, allowing the system to retain information across all chats, which prevents the need for users to repeat information and…

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  • Top 10 GPTs in the GPT Store

    Top 10 GPTs in the GPT Store

    We want to share the top 10 most useful GPTs from the official GPT store. We spent a week researching and testing over 100 GPTs to compile this list. Our GPT finder stands out by providing a focused selection from over 20,000 available GPTs. Top 10 GPTs At number 10 is “Doc Maker.” It’s popular…

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  • Insights from Sam Altman and Bill Gates about GPT-5

    Insights from Sam Altman and Bill Gates about GPT-5

    In a recent dialogue between Sam Altman and Bill Gates, they shed light on the future of AI, particularly GPT-5. This conversation offers valuable insights into the direction of AI development and its implications for our world. Here, we break down the key points from their interview, highlighting what to expect and how it may…

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