ChatGPT Can Now Access the Internet

ChatGPT Can Now Access the Internet

This allows it to do things that weren’t possible before. Here are 8 examples of what you can do with this internet integration. Note before we start: you can activate the feature in the ChatGPT Plus beta settings. Then just open a new conversation and you’ll be able to select the option.

8 Examples of What You Can Do with ChatGPT Internet Integration

1. Detecting a trend

As it is connected to the internet, ChatGPT can become your best business partner.

Prompt → Provide a short analysis of the latest e-commerce trends and consumer behavior patterns in the first quarter of 2023

2. Write content from the latest sources

ChatGPT can search for the latest information to write up-to-date content.

Prompt → Analyze the popularity of Western and BRICS leaders in recent months and write a short blog post.

3. Stock Market Analyst

Take advantage of real-time data to have ChatGPT analyze company results.

Prompt → Based on the latest financial results of the tech companies, how can their shares evolve in the coming weeks?

4. Plan according to upcoming events

Use Internet access to have ChatGPT adapt its results to the weather or current events.

Prompt → Look at the weather forecast for the next few days in the French Alps and tell me what I should pack in my hiking bag accordingly.

5. Academic research

Save time in analyzing recent academic documents.

Prompt → Summarize the key findings of the latest research published in ‘Nature’ last week on exoplanet destruction. Give an answer in markdown.

6. Get feedback

Find out what people think about something in real-time without having to search page by page.

Prompt → What do people on Reddit think of the latest image generation model Dall-E 3?

7. Coding using the latest documentation

ChatGPT will search for the latest information to code better. Prompt → Code the structure of a manifest file of a Chrome extension using the latest available documentation.

8. Quoting reliable sources

It is possible to find out which web sources ChatGPT uses to check them.

Prompt → Search the Internet for the most reliable sources on the Berlin Wall. Then explain how it was protected, citing your sources.

Credits: @itsPaulAi

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