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  • ChatGPT for Free

    ChatGPT for Free

    Start using ChatGPT instantly. Making tools like ChatGPT widely accessible aligns with OpenAI’s central goal, allowing individuals to harness the advantages of AI. Each week, over 100 million users from 185 countries turn to ChatGPT for new knowledge, creative inspiration, and solutions to their queries. As of today, access to ChatGPT no longer requires a…

  • ChatGPT in Excel

    ChatGPT in Excel

    You can use ChatGPT in Excel or Google Sheets for data analysis with @NumerousAI for things like: Use AI to save hours on repetitive tasks, like categorizing, extracting, writing text, data cleaning, and more! Google Sheets with ChatGPT I think it’s a really interesting way of using language models like GPT. The way that it…

  • ChatGPT Memory

    ChatGPT Memory

    OpenAI is testing the ability for ChatGPT to remember things discussed in conversations to enhance the helpfulness of future chats, placing users in control of ChatGPT’s memory capabilities. OpenAI is experimenting with memory features in ChatGPT, allowing the system to retain information across all chats, which prevents the need for users to repeat information and…

  • GPT Store

    GPT Store

    Next week marks the much-anticipated opening of OpenAI’s custom ChatGPT store, a platform initially scheduled for an earlier launch. This unique marketplace, called the GPT Store, is designed for users to both sell and distribute AI agents they’ve crafted using OpenAI’s extensive language models. OpenAI has communicated to the GPT Builders community through email, urging…

  • How To Maximize Output from ChatGPT Prompts

    How To Maximize Output from ChatGPT Prompts

    A new paper just came out outlining the best ways to maximize ChatGPT prompts. Using these principles, you can improve LLM responses by up to 50% — now backed by research. Here are the top 10 ways to get better responses from ChatGPT (with examples). 10 ways to get better responses from ChatGPT To clarify…

  • Archive Chat ChatGPT

    Archive Chat ChatGPT

    You can now archive your chats in ChatGPT! Archive removes chats from your sidebar without deleting them. You can see your archived chats in Settings. Currently available on Web and iOS with Android coming soon. Read other articles:

  • How To Use Multiple ChatGPT Plugins

    How To Use Multiple ChatGPT Plugins

    Using multiple ChatGPT plugins at once is powerful. Rowan Cheung found a way to get ChatGPT to explain any complex topic on the internet through diagrams. Here’s how to do it in 3 simple steps. 1. Install ChatGPT Plugins First, we need to install the two plugins that make this possible. – After installing, make…

  • ChatGPT Prompt Formula

    ChatGPT Prompt Formula

    Here is a 6-step ChatGPT Prompt Formula to help anyone create perfect prompts. Before we break down the formula, it’s important to note the order matters. Not all steps are essential, but focusing on the more important steps should be a priority. Think of the formula of a checklist. The more tasks you complete, the…

  • Open-Source LLMs vs. ChatGPT

    Open-Source LLMs vs. ChatGPT

    Open-Source LLMs, with their accessibility and community-driven development, offer a unique blend of versatility and innovation, allowing for widespread experimentation and customization. ChatGPT, on the other hand, stands as a testament to targeted development and refinement, offering a user experience honed by extensive training and specific design goals. This article delves into the nuanced differences…

  • ChatGPT vs. Grok

    ChatGPT vs. Grok

    A new player, Elon Musk’s AI initiative xAI, is stepping into the competitive AI market with their chatbot Grok. Though it’s only in beta, Grok has big plans to scale up soon. Grok might initially appear akin to existing chatbots such as ChatGPT or Google Bard, providing responses to inquiries and conversational interaction. But what…