ChatGPT in Excel

ChatGPT in Excel

You can use ChatGPT in Excel or Google Sheets for data analysis with @NumerousAI for things like:

  • – Reformatting phone numbers,
  • – Classifying customer review topics,
  • – Removing names from support emails,
  • – Sentiment analysis of customer reviews.

Use AI to save hours on repetitive tasks, like categorizing, extracting, writing text, data cleaning, and more!

Google Sheets with ChatGPT

  • – Analyzing customer reviews sentiment,
  • – Formatting phone numbers,
  • – Filtering names from support emails,
  • – Categorizing customer review topics.

I think it’s a really interesting way of using language models like GPT. The way that it can work with data intelligently makes it all the more powerful. If you want to give it a try, you can check it out at

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