GPT Store

GPT Store

Next week marks the much-anticipated opening of OpenAI’s custom ChatGPT store, a platform initially scheduled for an earlier launch. This unique marketplace, called the GPT Store, is designed for users to both sell and distribute AI agents they’ve crafted using OpenAI’s extensive language models.

OpenAI has communicated to the GPT Builders community through email, urging them to ensure their AI creations align with brand guidelines and to set them for public access.

The concept of the GPT Store was first unveiled at OpenAI’s developers conference in November, highlighting the opportunity for individuals to develop their own AI agents, termed GPTs, utilizing the GPT-4 model. This facility is exclusively available to ChatGPT Plus and enterprise subscribers, enabling them to devise personalized ChatGPT-like chatbots. These bots cover a broad spectrum of applications, from explaining Gen Z memes to assisting in negotiation processes.

While OpenAI’s in-house developed GPTs are accessible via the explore tab in ChatGPT Plus, the new store will allow users to share their creations and potentially generate revenue. OpenAI has indicated plans to compensate creators based on the usage of their AI agents in the store, though detailed plans are yet to be disclosed.

Originally slated for a November launch, the store’s opening was postponed due to a busy month for OpenAI, which included the dismissal and subsequent rehiring of CEO Sam Altman. After a couple of reschedulings, the launch is now set for the following week.

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