How To Use Multiple ChatGPT Plugins

How To Use Multiple ChatGPT Plugins

Using multiple ChatGPT plugins at once is powerful. Rowan Cheung found a way to get ChatGPT to explain any complex topic on the internet through diagrams. Here’s how to do it in 3 simple steps.

1. Install ChatGPT Plugins

First, we need to install the two plugins that make this possible. –

  • VoxScript: This plugin allows us to search the web ,
  • Whimsical Diagrams: This plugin turns our outputs into diagrams .

After installing, make sure you have them BOTH enabled.

2. The Prompt

Next, enter this prompt: “Explain [topic] extensively. Simplify the concepts and visuals to make complex topics easier to understand and engaging. Then turn it into a mind map” Note: Replace [topic] with what you want to learn.

3. Final Steps

You’ll get a mindmap to help you understand complex topics better through visual mindmaps. Simply re-prompt for any clarification or to generate new diagrams.

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