ChatGPT iOS App

ChatGPT iOS App

OpenAI thrilled to announce the launch of the ChatGPT app for iOS users, following positive feedback about the convenience of using ChatGPT. The new ChatGPT iOS App is completely free, will preserve your conversation history across different devices and comes with integrated voice input through our Whisper open-source speech-recognition system.

ChatGPT Plus subscribers will enjoy exclusive access to GPT-4’s features. In addition they will enjoy priority for early feature releases, and experience faster response times – all available on iOS.

Here’s a peek at what the ChatGPT app can offer:

  • Instantaneous responses: Obtain accurate details minus the hassle of ads or multiple searches.
  • Personalized recommendations: Get assistance with your culinary endeavors, travel arrangements, or articulating thoughtful messages.
  • Creative prompts: Let us help you brainstorm gift options, devise presentations, or author the perfect verse.
  • Expert assistance: Improve efficiency with feedback on ideas, note summarization, and help with technical subjects.
  • Learning potential: Dive into the world of new languages, recent history, and more at your convenience.

The launch kicks off in the US and developers are plan to extend reach to more countries from the ChatGPT Countries List  in the following weeks. OpenAI looks forward to learning about your experiences with the app. As engineers receive your feedback, they’re dedicated to constantly upgrading features and ensuring user safety.

The launch of the iOS ChatGPT app signifies OpenAI’s continued commitment to the Mission: transforming cutting-edge research into practical tools that empower individuals while increasing accessibility.

And Android users, don’t worry, they haven’t forgotten about you! You can expect to see ChatGPT on your devices in the near future.