Data Managing in ChatGPT

Data Managing in ChatGPT

OpenAI has implemented a new feature that allows users to disable chat history – Data Managing in ChatGPT. When this feature is activated, ensuing conversations will not be used for model training and improvements, nor will they be visible in the history sidebar. Available to all users starting today, these controls can be accessed and modified within ChatGPT’s settings at any given time.

It’s hoped that this feature offers a more straightforward approach to data management than the existing opt-out process. With chat history turned off, OpenAI will keep new conversations for a period of 30 days, reviewing them only as necessary to monitor for abusive behavior, before they are permanently deleted.

OpenAI is also in the process of developing a new ChatGPT Business subscription. It will be specifically tailored for professionals requiring greater data control and for enterprises looking to manage their end users. The data usage policies of the ChatGPT Business will be aligned with API’s policies, thereby ensuring that the data of end users won’t be utilized for training our models by default. The plan is to launch ChatGPT Business in the upcoming months.

Furthermore, a new feature allowing data exportation has been added to the settings. This feature simplifies the process of exporting your ChatGPT data, making it easier to comprehend the type of information stored by ChatGPT. Upon using this feature, you’ll receive an email containing a file with all your conversations and any other relevant data.

Chat GPT 5 will include more advanced data management capabilities. Stay tuned!

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