From Now ChatGPT Can Analyze Files

From Now ChatGPT Can Analyze Files

ChatGPT Plus members now have the capability to upload and examine files in the newest beta version. Additionally, they can seamlessly utilize features like Browse with Bing, as the chatbot intelligently determines the best mode to use.

Currently, OpenAI is introducing new beta functionalities exclusively for ChatGPT Plus subscribers. Based on user feedback, this update allows them to upload and interact with files and introduces a more intuitive multimodal experience. This means that instead of manually selecting options like Browse with Bing, the system intuitively determines the user’s intent.

These enhancements introduce some of the capabilities found in the ChatGPT Enterprise package to individual subscribers. While I haven’t received the multimodal feature on my Plus subscription, I’ve explored the Advanced Data Analysis tool. After uploading a file to ChatGPT, there’s a brief processing period. Once done, users can prompt the chatbot to summarize, query, or even create visual representations of the data.

Moreover, ChatGPT isn’t restricted to textual data. A user on Threads shared a unique interaction where they uploaded a capybara image and prompted ChatGPT to render a Pixar-inspired version via DALL-E 3. They further enhanced the concept by introducing another image, a wavy skateboard. Interestingly, the final rendition also included a hat.

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