GPT-5 Rumors

GPT-5 Rumors

OpenAI CEO Sam Altman officially confirmed in an interview with the Financial Times that the company is working on creating GPT-5.

Altman did not indicate a timeline for the release of the next generation of OpenAI’s artificial intelligence model. He explained that developers train the fifth-generation AI model not only on open information and combinations of publicly available data sets on the Internet, but also on the internal databases of many large IT companies that collaborate with OpenAI.

GPT-4 and GPT-5

GPT-5 is expected to be much more advanced than GPT-4. Moreover, this change will be so huge that even the head of OpenAI cannot predict what the new neural network will be capable of. Earlier, at his last presentation, Altman promised to create AI that is as good as humans in communication and mental analysis.

Altman believes GPT-5 will be much more complex than its predecessors. According to him, OpenAI developers expect new capabilities and skills to emerge from this neural network.

“Until we start training this model, it’s a fun guessing game for us. We are trying to get better because from a security point of view it is important to predict its capabilities. I can’t say what GPT-5 is going to do that GPT-4 didn’t do,”

Altman said.

On March 14, 2023, OpenAI introduced a new AI model for image and text interpretation, GPT-4, which the company called “the latest milestone in its efforts to scale up deep learning.”

In June, Altman said that OpenAI had not yet begun training GPT-5. A few months ago, OpenAI promised to pause work on a successor to GPT-4 for “some time” due to public concerns about the rapid progress of AI and the potential difficulties of its regulation and control.

In August, OpenAI, with support from Microsoft, filed a trademark application for “GPT-5” in the United States. The application describes “downloadable computer software for using the language model.”

On November 7, OpenAI presented the GPT-4 Turbo model, a more powerful version of ChatGPT. Its database was updated until April 2023, and as a request you can enter industrial funds of up to 128 thousand tokens, which is equivalent to 300 pages.

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