Top 10 GPTs in the GPT Store

Top 10 GPTs in the GPT Store

We want to share the top 10 most useful GPTs from the official GPT store. We spent a week researching and testing over 100 GPTs to compile this list. Our GPT finder stands out by providing a focused selection from over 20,000 available GPTs.

Top 10 GPTs

At number 10 is “Doc Maker.” It’s popular in the GPT store, with over 25,000 chats. This GPT excels at creating PDFs, documents, PowerPoints, and more. It can even convert presentations into audio.

Number 9, “Super Describ,” is under the Dall-E category. Upload an image and receive the right prompt for Dall-E 3 to create a similar image. It’s great for generating images based on reference photos.

Coming in at number 8, “Prompt Perfect” enhances your prompts for ChatGPT. It adds details, context, and structure to get better responses. Ideal for ChatGPT beginners.

Number 7 is “Logo Creator.” With over 100,000 chats, it’s a standout for creating logos. It offers step-by-step guidance and produces numerous variations, though text accuracy can be hit or miss.

At number 6, “Creative Writing Coach” by the ChatGPT team helps improve your writing. It provides tailored feedback for creative works, making it valuable for personal and business writing.

Convert Anything” ranks at number 5. It handles file conversions, like changing PNG to JPEG or WAV to MP3. Utilizing Code Interpreter, it simplifies file format changes.

Number 4, “Diagrams Show Me,” creates visual diagrams and mind maps. Also, it’s especially useful for visual learners or for teaching concepts visually.

For the third spot, we recommend “Consensus” and “Scholar AI.” Both offer access to over 200 million research documents, making them excellent for in-depth research.

In second place is “Invideo AI.” It turns text prompts into videos, linking to the regular Invideo AI for the video creation process.

Before revealing our top pick, honorable mentions include “Automation Consultant” by Zapier and Canva’s GPT. They’re useful for automations and finding design templates, respectively.

Our top choice is “Screenshot to Code GPT.” It converts website screenshots into HTML and CSS code. Moreover, it’s perfect for customizing websites without deep coding knowledge.

Lastly, we’ve released a comprehensive course on custom GPTs. It covers building and automating GPTs, using tools like Zapier and Botpress for website integration. This course, along with others, is available through Skill Leap AI.

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