ChatGPT Browsing

ChatGPT Browsing

The Rundown AI got early ‘Alpha’ access to GPT-4 with browsing and ran some tests. Here are the craziest things they found in ChatGPT Browsing upcoming capabilities.

What is GPT-4 with browsing?

Regular ChatGPT is trained on data from events before September 2021. This means anything that happened after can’t be accessed. Web Browsing with GPT-4 is OpenAI’s most advanced model, giving ChatGPT real-time data access. This feature already available for ChatGPT Plus members.

The upcoming ChatGPT-5 with GPT-5 model will provide even more browsing capabilities. Wait for it, but for now let’s test GPT-4.

ChatGPT Browsing Capabilities

Find the latest news and put it into a table with linked sources

ChatGPT can now summarize all the latest news and cite its sources.


“List 10 things that happened in AI this week” followed with “Put it in a table with links to sources”

Summarize a page and grab links

ChatGPT summarized my most recent newsletter and gave me links to all the top tools I mentioned. Absolute insanity.


Summarize this newsletter by The Rundown for me and create a list of 10 URLs [link]

Show Trending posts

Tell me the top trending posts on a particular subreddit. Use this on multiple subreddits, and ChatGPT will update you with everything in 5 minutes.


Whats the trending posts on /r/chatgpt today

Analyze code from Twitter’s open-sourced algorithm

Using the Twitter algorithm code, ChatGPT can now tell you exactly how to go viral.


Take this code for the Twitter algorithm and tell best practices to go viral on Twitter [code]

Find hidden gems in places you want to travel to.

No more scavenging deep down the rabbit hole for hidden gems. ChatGPT will do this for you.


Find hidden gem travel spots in Maui, Hawaii

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