ChatGPT Plugins available for all Plus subscription members

ChatGPT Plugins available for all Plus members

OpenAI just announce the upcoming deployment of web browsing and Plugins for all ChatGPT Plus users within the coming week, on May 12th 2023! Transitioning from alpha to beta stage, these features empower ChatGPT with internet access and the ability to utilize over 70 third-party plugins.

As a ChatGPT Plus user, you can look forward to enjoying preliminary access to experimental features. Please note that these features may undergo modifications during their development phase.

Over the next week, engineers will be progressively introducing a new beta panel within your settings, enabling access to these features for all ChatGPT Plus users.

New ChatGPT Plugins Features

Upon the beta panel’s arrival, you will have the opportunity to test out two innovative features:

  1. Web Browsing: Experience a revamped version of ChatGPT, which knows when and how to surf the web for answering queries about contemporary topics and events.
  2. Plugins: Explore a fresh iteration of ChatGPT, skilled in determining when and how to utilize third-party plugins that you authorize.

To activate third-party plugins, adhere to these steps:

  • Visit the website
  • Choose “Plugins” from the model switcher.
  • In the “Plugins” dropdown menu, click on “Plugin Store” to install and authorize new plugins.

Activating Beta features

To activate beta features, follow these instructions:

  • Click on ‘Profile & Settings’
  • Choose ‘Beta features’
  • Enable the features you’re keen on testing.

For a more detailed understanding of our rollout procedure, please consult the article linked here.

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