ChatGPT plugin policies

How to Access ChatGPT Plugins?

OpenAI has begun to enhance the capabilities of ChatGPT by incorporating the use of plugins. These ChatGPT Plugins can be envisioned as “tools” that the AI model learns to utilize. Such as a plugin for checking news updates, a plugin for flight bookings, or one for sourcing data from a specific database. Since the launch of ChatGPT, developers have expressed interest in these plugins due to the extensive array of potential applications they offer.

How can I get access to plugins?

To access these plugins you must subscribe to ChatGPT Plus. Starting May 12th, 2023, OpenAI began providing access and aims to have 100% of Plus users enabled within next weeks.

To activate plugins, ChatGPT Plus users must go to the settings by selecting their name in the bottom left corner, then proceed to the settings. In the settings menu, if the plugins have been activated for a user’s account, there will be a section labeled “Beta features”. From there, users can choose to enable plugins or browsing. If the “Beta features” section is not visible you will need just to wait. As the feature should be available soon.

How does ChatGPT know when to call a plugin?

ChatGPT’s primary objective is to assist the user. It makes informed decisions about when to utilize a plugin and when to handle a user’s inquiry using its existing knowledge. For instance, it might determine that a plugin is required for a query about current events, but may handle basic questions about math or science without using a plugin. If desired, the user can always prompt ChatGPT to employ a specific plugin, like by saying, “Use Expedia to plan my NYC trip”.

How do I create a plugin?

For developing a plugin, it is advisable to consult OpenAI’s documentation that guides on the creation of a plugin. Interested developers can sign up for the waitlist, and access will be progressively granted. Upon completion of the plugin, it must go through an approval process. If developers face any technical queries during the plugin creation process, they are encouraged to join the developer forum for assistance.

There is no need for a waitlist for accessing ChatGPT plugins. All plus subscribers will have access as the plugins are being rolled out to them.

How do I access the code interpreter plugin?

The code interpreter plugin, an OpenAI creation, is in its Alpha phase and is not broadly available. There is no waitlist for this plugin. When the code interpreter is available, OpenAI will list it under the “Beta features” setting.

To enable plugins in the “Beta features” area, ChatGPT plus users should navigate to and select their name at the bottom left of the page to open the menu. From there, click on Settings. All users can utilize plugins, which are created by third parties, with the exception of the DALLE plugin.

Then in the modal that appears click on “Beta features” toggle the “Plugins” feature to enable/disable:

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