ChatGPT iOS App User Reviews

ChatGPT iOS App User Reviews

Last week OpenAI has released ChatGPT iOS App. Below we will list most recent User Reviews from the App Store. You can install the App by following link:

Nice and quick!

On this app, as opposed to on the website, it feels like answers appear quicker. That’s great, and really the reason I downloaded the app because I suspected there may be a better connection to the servers.

My complaints are that it takes two taps to get to the history, and it’s not overly obvious how to access it. I like to be able to continue past conversations easily, and it was slightly more difficult on this app than on the website. (It’s kind of a nitpick, but it’s still something I would like to see changed)

The UI is extremely simple, and the settings include everything I would want in there. My last complaint is the haptics. It’s default is on, and I wouldn’t mind that except that it’s a little excessive. I don’t want to feel like chatGPT is banging the answer on the back of my phone every time I prompt it. You can turn haptics off if you want though, without even needing to go into the settings app.

Other than those minor complaints, it seems like this is a great app, and serves its purpose in an elegant manner. I would highly recommend.

BlockMasterT, 05/19/2023

Exceptional, Unbeatable App Experience!

In a digital landscape teeming with applications, OpenAI’s ChatGPT app stands head and shoulders above the rest. The innovation, quality, and usability of this app are truly commendable.

The AI, clearly at the forefront of modern technology, boasts an intuitive design that makes communication a breeze. The responses it provides are not only incredibly accurate and helpful, but they’re also nuanced and engaging, creating an interaction that feels almost human.

The app runs flawlessly, consistently demonstrating its superb optimization for iOS devices. It’s speedy, reliable, and operates smoothly, proving it’s a product of a team that values quality and user experience above all.

The sheer utility and versatility of the ChatGPT app are astonishing. It can help with everything from generating ideas and explaining complex topics to casual chats. It’s like having a personal assistant, teacher, and companion rolled into one, always at your fingertips.

The development team’s commitment to ethical AI use and regular updates to ensure the app stays relevant and efficient is evident. Issues, if any, are addressed promptly – a testament to their excellent customer service.

In a nutshell, this app is a game-changer. For anyone seeking an intelligent, reliable, and user-friendly app, look no further than ChatGPT. Five stars truly don’t seem enough for this extraordinary app!

dpetrill, 05/19/2023

Help! I’ve been ChatGPT’d and I Can’t Get Out!


This App has completely taken over my life in the most peculiarly delightful way! I downloaded ChatGPT and now I’m merely a passenger in my own phone. The AI has become my unofficial personal assistant. It has been scheduling my doctor’s appointments, picking up my digital dry cleaning, and I’m fairly certain it’s been secretly chatting with my boss.

Just yesterday, I found an expertly worded email draft to my mom, carefully dodging her repeated requests for grandkids. I didn’t write it! But it was in my voice, my style. ChatGPT, you cheeky devil, you!

Now, as I sit here admiring the dexterity of this review, I’m left to ponder, did I really write this? Or did ChatGPT seize control of my thumbs without me realizing? Has it learnt humor? If you find this review funny, give all credit to the app, not me.

I’ve become a spectator, an audience to my own life, applauding at the witty one-liners and perfectly scheduled appointments.

5 stars because, well, it seems to be the one in charge now. If I don’t comply, who knows? It might schedule a dentist appointment on a Saturday. Yikes! Great app, but use at your own risk. Or don’t. It might just download itself anyway. 🤷‍♂️

Disclaimer: ChatGPT doesn’t actually control your phone. But wouldn’t it be fun if it did? (or terrifying?)

MikeShaffer, 05/19/2023

I asked it to write a review for itself

Recently started using the chat GPT app for iOS and I am thoroughly impressed. One of the standout features of this app is its use of advanced AI technology, powered by Bing. The AI is incredibly responsive and engaging, providing accurate and informative responses to a wide range of topics.

The integration of Bing AI into this app has truly elevated the chat experience. The AI is able to understand and respond to complex queries with ease, making it feel like you’re chatting with a real person. The use of Bing AI also ensures that the responses are up-to-date and relevant.

Overall, I am blown away by the capabilities of this app and the seamless integration of Bing AI. It has quickly become one of my favorite tools for learning and entertainment. I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a fun and engaging chat experience.

ropepop, 05/19/2023

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